Rubber Band Loom | How Much Fun?

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Well, lots, if you ask my 8 year old and 5 year old.  Now, to be fair, the 5 year old spent more time observing and making suggestions than she did making the actual rubber band bracelets.  I think the best age for starters on the rubber band loom is probably 6 or 7 but if your child has good dexterity and a decent attention span then go for it!  You’ll be glad that you did.  The rubber band loom is one of those toys that is also a fun craft.  My girls spent an entire afternoon (several hours) of no fussing creative fun.  Check the product out for yourself here.  There are many different versions of the craft out now, but in our experience this band loom is the best choice.  In fact this particular online store often runs buy one get one free on many of its most popular items, and this item is currently a buy one get one free item. These rubber band looms make great birthday gifts for all ages and any gender.  My oldest daughter who is 8 had no problem mastering the craft and had hours of fun the first day she got it.  I have to say the bands that she makes are very cool, they are similar to the neoprene and rubber wrist bands you see so often on peoples wrists that are part of some awareness campaign.  My daughters, however, were able to customize the colors, make different patterns and create an accessory that moms, dads, brothers or sisters could wear.  And was she ever proud of that!  As a parent, what could be better than having your children engage in a craft they can be proud of…..and it takes most of an afternoon at that!  How much can you get done in a few hours with no interruptions?  The rubber band loom starter kit that I recommend opened up a lot of time for me to spend doing whatever I want.  My oldest daughter even started making rubber band bracelets for her friends and she got so many orders that she came home and told me that she just didn’t have time to make them all!  This loom comes with everything you need to get started and it is super easy to use.  There are written instructions inside and if you need extra help you can watch my daughter here making me a black and blue “fishtail” bracelet.


Click here to get more information on the Loom Band Starter Kit

One word of caution.  If you or your child is allergic to latex you will want to be sure to get the latex free bands to make your rubber band bracelets.  You can find those here too.  The website I recommend had a wide assortment of rubber bands and accessories for the rubber band loom.

Rubber Band Bracelet Comparison

As you search for the right rubber band bracelet loom keep in mind that these things have become very popular and many online retailers (including Ebay stores) have been charging a premium for them.  All of the rubber band looms come with some standard components.

  • The actual Loom
  •  Assorted-color rubber bands
  •   “S” hooks, “C” hooks, and “O” hooks
  • Mini Loom tool – special weaving hook tool
  •  Loom weaving bracket
  • Instruction Booklet

One quick note on the parts included with the rubber band bracelet kit; my daughter has found that it is easier for her to use the loom without the loom tool.  She prefers to use her fingers as she can better manipulate the rubber bands.  You can get a look at the kit I have recommended by clicking here.  The particular online retailer that I have recommended is located in the United States and their address and phone number are clearly indicated on their website.  They are trustworthy and reliable and the have the lowest price on the rubber band loom!

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